The American Empire VS. The European Dream (e-könyv)

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The Failure of the Euro


Our age is defined by many different often contradictory values and processes of which the dominance of the American Empire is the most important. Europe with its fundamentally failed euro project challenged both the political and monetary hegemon status of the Empire and attempted to create a new empire. The American Empire did not put up with a rival global currency, so it has waged all types of modern warfare to prevent this attempt. That is how the vision of a European Empire turned to be a nightmare instead of a sweet and nurturing dream.

György Matolcsy’s book – using an unconventional approach and a broad historical perspective – analyses the American Empire, the current world order, its defining features, the relations and motivations of the major players and the grand strategies that they outline. In this multi-valued world, what goals and guidelines can safely lead us towards global prosperity? Do we need to set frameworks for our national visions in the 21st century, and if so, what are our main reference points in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world?

In order to restore the global balance of power, Europe have to give up its imperial ambitions and it has to return to its 16th century roots when European open-mindedness, cultural diversity and spiritual revolutions led to the cradle of future breakthroughs in science, technology and governance. The new global player, China also has an important role in restoring the global balance of power. The USA and China, the two world powers that complements each other in character can bring the new golden age of the global community.

By understanding these processes on individual level and as a nation, Hungary can develop new and successful strategies that incorporate eastern wisdom and western openness with which it can move closer to being one of the winners of this changing world order.


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Foreword by Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary


I. The euro Failure

II. What Kind of an Age Do We live in?

III. The Birth of America

IV. Mature America

V. America’s internal Wars

VI. Imperial heritage

VII. Pax Americana

VIII. America’s Wars

IX. Future scenarios


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